Wild babe Penelope sprayed in hardcore outdoor sex

July 25th, 2016 by J

Hardcore sex outdoors

Do not be fooled by Penelope Cruz’s beauty and charm because she ain’t just some hot chick who’ll satisfy anyone’s sight. She ain’t that typical babe who’s only all about their physical beauty, she’s so much more you won’t dare keep up. Aside from being a seasoned actress, she also models for magazines, and do charity work. And because of her versatile nature and flexible work schedule, which she balances pretty good, she meets a lot of people from all over the world who stay in constant contact with her whenever she needed to take a break from all the projects and whatnot. When she’s not on her toes doing film or magazine shoots, not too busy visiting the sick and homeless, and simply not doing too much work at a given time, she never run out of people to have fun with as they are actually always on the sides, waiting for her go. Cruz has a lot of admirers and even stalkers, if we’d put it bluntly, so there’s never really a dull moment even as she sleeps, I think.

But let’s not talk about what she usually does when inside the bedroom and of course we’re not referring to sleeping, and take a look at the fun things she does when outdoors and would most likely get caught by whoever and be exposed to the entire world whatever she is doing. Whenever she’s traveling the world either for work or leisure, Cruz never fails to reward herself with something that is sure to take all her stress away. She would buy herself expensive stuff or treat her tastebuds to something exotic but she’s got another quick fix for when she’s in need for a stress-reliever and this is when she chooses a random spot out in the open and pick one of her naughty good-looking fans to have some hot fun with. Since Cruz is already an actress, she doesn’t need to be given a script for this particular video tho because she has her own lines to deliver. She strips naked and starts fucking wildly, giving all her energy that’s been suppressed during all her busy days and nights at work. Penelope is no longer acting as she gets banged hard and moans with pleasure. It’s all her natural self going hardcore outdoors and getting all the sticky cum that she’s been wanting to swallow.

Horny Penelope gets banged deep

March 19th, 2016 by J

Sexy Penelope fucking deep

As if Penelope Cruz’s hot looks and sexy body aren’t enough, we chanced upon this naughty leaked sex tape of hers. She did start young, exposing her sultry facade that could only get deeper as she ripens with age. You’re lucky to be watching this, the hardcore nature of this seemingly shy type Latina hottie. Giving head and getting plowed rough do look like her specialty away from the spotlight. Watch those tight hips grind, feeling that throbbing boner inside her in every inch of her warm cunt. It all shows in her expression, that wild and steaming ecstasy.

Penelope’s Hot Sex With Latin Lover

June 21st, 2010 by pe

penelope cruz making outpenelope cruz ass grab

Penelope Cruz has been getting a lot of sex lately from her latin lover, actor Javier Bardem. The two Spanish actors have been getting photographed a lot by the Paparazzi recently. The couple do not seem to mind getting frisky in front of the cameras. They first worked together in Pedro Almodovar’s erotic film Live Flesh.

penelope cruz bikinipenelope cruz fucking

Penelope and Javier were reunited again when they shot a Woody Allen film wherein they had a threesome scene with hot actress Scarlett Johansen. Javier and Penelope are both Oscar winners.  Penelope won Best Supporting Actress for Vicky Christina Barcelona; and Javier Bardem picked up his Oscar for No Country For Old Men.

penelope cruz nipplepenelope cruz hottie

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Penelope Shows Santa How Naughty A Nice Girl Can Be

December 10th, 2008 by pe

Now here’s something that Penelope Cruz has probably picked up from her days in Hollywood — a kinky fetish!  Europeans may rut around a lot, but they do it so naturally, enjoying even the kinkiest pleasures without any artifice, because every carnal encounter is a natural part of human nature.  In Penelope’s case though, she’s picked up a penchant for sex games, and it looks like some cosplay is her fetish of choice, as well as an attraction for older men.  Or hell, maybe it’s this lucky horndog’s idea that he dress up as Santa Claus, and Penelope is indulging his kinky idea so that he’ll be harder for her when she offers up her pussy for a nice pounding.

Whatever the case, what we’ve got here is Penelope Cruz being dirtier than we’ve ever seen her be, and that’s something.  She has no qualms going nude and indulging in sex scenes in her movies after all, but this hardcore session is a different sort of animal, and we love it.  It’s so hot seeing Penelope enjoy an older guy’s cock, and the Santa costume adds that extra raunch that a normal fuck session wouldn’t have.  She’s ready to be Santa’s ho-ho-ho for Christmas, if you know what I mean, and it’s a real turn on seeing her ride his cock and take it from behind like the good Santa’s little helper that she is.

Cookies just aren’t going to cut it anymore after Santa’s experienced Penelope Cruz’s special treats for him, so don’t be surprised if he skips all your houses and heads straight for Ms. Cruz’s house every holiday season from now on!  But I wouldn’t mind some coal in my stocking, as long as I can stroke my candy cane to more pictures of Penelope Cruz in hardcore action like this, right?  And you can find exactly that when you head on over to this site

Penelope Cruz Gets Wet, Wild And Naked

December 10th, 2008 by pe

Growing up in sunny Spain, it’s not hard to imagine Penelope Cruz frolicking on some Andalusian beach while growing up, getting wet and going wild as the Spanish boys drool over her blossoming beauty.  Well, she’s all grown up now, but I guess she sometimes misses the beaches of her home country, so she goes there once in a while to unwind.  But I guess she goes to the nudist beaches in Spain now, instead of the beaches of her childhood.  Just check out this sizzling hot pic of Penelope Cruz totally naked, and posing on the wet sands of some Spanish nudist resort.  That slender body is looking so sexy, and her beauty is so mesmerizing that you almost forget about becoming aroused because your breath is simply taken away.

Good thing that there’s another pic showing Penelope Cruz getting wet and wild while in the buff that’s less ethereal and more down n’ dirty, so that we can get our wood on, instead of just staring at her with mouths open.  She’s buck naked in this other picture, but instead of looking like some Spanish Venus out in the surf, she’s just a horny hottie looking to get naughty in the shower.  Now that’s an image of Penelope Cruz I’m ready to enjoy!  As a liberated European woman, she probably enjoys sex anywhere and everywhere, and doing it in the bathroom ought to be very enjoyable for her, with all that water to play with when she’s in a sexual frenzy.

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A Sexy Topless Penelope Cruz Pictorial

December 3rd, 2008 by pe

Everybody knows that Europe is a less puritanical place than some other countries or regions, especially America.  They’re liberal and open-minded when it comes to sex, which is one thing even the most patriotic horndog can’t hold against them.  And that includes their women.  Anyone who’s ever seen Penelope Cruz in any of her American films knows she’s not from around here, but before you start thinking she’s from Mexico or somewhere further South, she’s actually from the mother country of all those Latin American nations — Spain.  And being a Spaniard, she’s just as sexually liberal as any other European chick who’s into the arts.

And that’s why we have these photos of her baring her breasts!  She’s a sexy, slender babe, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see here that she’s got nice, juicy boobies that are big enough to nibble and enjoy, without being overly large.  The photography is great in these images, with a lush, warm light exposing Penelope Cruz’s tight body and sexy curves as she poses in some lingerie with her tits out for all of us to enjoy.  Now that’s how a European babe rolls, and that’s why we love the hotties from that continent.  Sure, home-grown honeys can get down n’ dirty and expose their tits too, but these Euro chicks do it like it’s second nature, and isn’t that that just what we want from a girl?

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