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Penelope Cruz Gets Wet, Wild And Naked

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Growing up in sunny Spain, it’s not hard to imagine Penelope Cruz frolicking on some Andalusian beach while growing up, getting wet and going wild as the Spanish boys drool over her blossoming beauty.  Well, she’s all grown up now, but I guess she sometimes misses the beaches of her home country, so she goes there once in a while to unwind.  But I guess she goes to the nudist beaches in Spain now, instead of the beaches of her childhood.  Just check out this sizzling hot pic of Penelope Cruz totally naked, and posing on the wet sands of some Spanish nudist resort.  That slender body is looking so sexy, and her beauty is so mesmerizing that you almost forget about becoming aroused because your breath is simply taken away.

Good thing that there’s another pic showing Penelope Cruz getting wet and wild while in the buff that’s less ethereal and more down n’ dirty, so that we can get our wood on, instead of just staring at her with mouths open.  She’s buck naked in this other picture, but instead of looking like some Spanish Venus out in the surf, she’s just a horny hottie looking to get naughty in the shower.  Now that’s an image of Penelope Cruz I’m ready to enjoy!  As a liberated European woman, she probably enjoys sex anywhere and everywhere, and doing it in the bathroom ought to be very enjoyable for her, with all that water to play with when she’s in a sexual frenzy.

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